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Fynch Reputation

Fynch reputation is D2 new NPC vendor and quest giver in Witch Queen DLC. It is required to unlock most of the high-end rewards and activities in the Witch Queens Throne World that will provide players with a rare exotic resource needed for the Forge. The Enlightened carry service will save you a lot of time and help avoid boring daily activities in favor of interesting tasks in-game.

D2 Fynch reputation boost:

  1. Any amount of rank levels that you choose.
  2. Gear, weapons, armor, activities, and cosmetics at certain ranks.
  3. Veritas armor (Rank 2/4/6/21/27).
  4. Resources - 5 Upgrade Modules and 5 Enhancement Cores  (Rank 3/7).
  5. Pointed Injury Scout Rifle - red legendary which pattern can be collected (Rank 9).
  6. Deepsight upgrade (Rank 11/15).
  7. High-end activities - main Ascendant Alloy source (Rank 13/18).
  8. Queen’s colors shader (Rank 27).
  9. Throne World Engram Upgrade (Rank 30).

Boost takes: 30 min - 24h (depends on the rank that is chosen).

Safety: 100% guaranteed VPN use in our recovery (piloted) services.

The main way to farm ranks with Fynch is by opening chests and collecting resources across the Throne World. It is recommended to use Wombo Detector in your Ghosts perk which costs 6 energy and provides cache and resource detection within a 50-meter range.

Before purchasing the fast Fynch rep boost from our professional team, please check the minimum requirements of this service.


  • Witch Queen DLC;
  • Fynch unlocked;
  • this boost is a recovery(piloted).

Important: We recommend ordering this reputation in pair with the Witch Queen's campaign. This way you will fully unlock all the content in the Season of the Risen in one go.

Fynch Reputation Boost Guide

Fynch is a typical D2 reputation that we farm in a very straightforward way. Our professional Fynch rep booster will farm all the chests and resources in the Throne World super fast using specific routes. So you can enjoy your free time and spend it on something better than rep grinding. There is also a cheese but a completely legal way to farm the reputation once you hit rank 15 and upgrade your Deepsight Vision to level 3. Once that is possessed there is a perfect route to speed up the remaining ranks that you may enjoy watching using our stream.

If you want to get the maximum out of Season of the Risen, then the Fynch rep carry is the right choice for you. Avoid boring and repeatable grind and enjoy the new DLC without any annoyance.

Fynch Reputation