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Funnelweb is a new exclusive legendary SMG in the Season of the Risen. It is a random drop from the legendary world loot pool in D2 world and can be found pretty much everywhere in the game. Funnelweb carry provides the desired amount of this submachine gun for the perfect god-roll.

The legendary Funnelweb farm includes any amount of this SMG which is a must-have tool for PVE. A toned-down version of The Recluse, Funnelweb is currently one of the best PVE options in the game. With solid perk combinations and the ability to fire Volatile Rounds, this weapon makes red bars disappear right in front of your eyes. Plus, it's a world drop, meaning you don't even need to go out of your way to farm it. Buying Funnelweb is prior to any guardian who values their time and wants to start the expansion with the best guns at hand.

D2 Funnelweb boosting rewards:

  1. The desired amount of Legendary Funnelweb obtained.
  2. A lot of legendary dungeon gear while farming for Funnelweb.
  3. All resources that come along the way.
  4. Experience for your Season Pass and Artifact.

Boost takes ~2h (depends on luck).

Safety: 100% guaranteed VPN use in our recovery (piloted) services.

Note: This weapon is a world drop, meaning that it is complete RNG and can take additional time to proc as the loot pool is dramatically increased in Witch Queen expansion.


  • 1350+ power level;
  • Witch Queen Deluxe DLC available.

How To Get Funnelweb SMG

The only way to get the Funnelweb SMG is really just farming anything you can, better on the Throne World (but not necessary there). Funnelweb drops anywhere in the d2 game and comes with random rolls, so it can really be tricky to get the perfect one.

The weapon can also proc in Banshee-44 stocks and will cost a small number of resources (glimmer, legendary shards etc). We offer Funnelweb for sale in order to skip any form of boring farming that you might end out with.

D2 Funnelweb SMG God Roll

Our team has stated the Funnelweb god roll and it looks like this:

  1. Best PvE Roll: Arrowhead Brake or Corkscrew Rifling, Tactical Mag or Appended Mag, Subsistence, Frenzy.
  2. Best PvP Roll: Corkscrew Rifling or Hammer-Forged Rifling, Accurized Rounds, Killing Wind or Perpetual Motion, Rangefinder.

The best part of the world loot pool is that you may grind for the weapon endlessly and that is why we offer Funnelweb farming to save your precious time and get the best Void SMG in the game with the best rolls currently.