Flawless Master Achievement

Torghast Flawless Master

Flawless Master achievement is rewarded for completing Torghast layers with a flawless (5-star) score. Getting 200 points in a single run might be hard, especially on higher floors when several Torments are active. Flawless Master boost will help to complete 12 and 16 level layers with a 5-star rating.

No need to waste time wiping with randoms that cannot deal with certain mechanics and losing the rating because of the bad death count. Simply buy Flawless Master achievement run and receive two mounts for finishing all 6 wings on 12 and 16 level difficulties with a perfect completion.

WoW Flawless Master carry rewards:

  1. Flawless Master (Layer 12) meta-achievement (80 points).
  2. Flawless Master (Layer 16) meta-achievement (80 points).
  3. Achievements for flawless completion of each wing (Layer 12 & 16):
  4. Tons of Soul Cinders & Soul Ash to upgrade legendary from rank 1 to 6.
  5. Cosmic Flux for Flawless Master L16.
  6. Tower Knowledge for the Box of Many Things traits.

Boost takes: 3 hrs.

Important: Torghast wings are NOW opened all at once. You can buy a full Flawless Master run or choose the custom wings and we will finish them separately.

Before purchasing this service, please have a look at the basic requirements. Feel free to contact our team in the online chat if you still have any questions.


  • 60 level;
  • Torghast Layer 12 & 16 unlocked (depends on the achievement).

Flawless Master Achievement Boost

The player’s favorite never-ending instance - Torghast Tower has received a substantial boost in patches 9.1 and 9.2. New layers have been unlocked bringing in more challenging adventures for the brave heroes who are fearless enough to face them! Additionally, now there is a Flawless Run achievement for each wing of the towers!

It is available on both Layer 12 (patch 9.1) and Layer 16 (patch 9.2) difficulties, bringing two new mounts for players who managed to achieve at least 200 points in 6 wings. Getting Flawless Master achievement requires high tower knowledge, good gear, and overpowered classes with good anima traits. That's why we offer Flawless Master runs for sale for everybody who want to get both mounts, and receive some valuable currencies and achievements at the same time.

Torghast Flawless Master