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Fixed Odds

Fixed Odds is a returning exclusive Opulent legendary machine gun in the Season of the Haunted. It is a random drop from the Duality dungeon's 3rd encounter located on the Leviathan Derelict and comes both with random rolls and Deepsight Resonance (red weapon) drops. Fixed Odds carry will provide the desired amount of machine guns for the perfect god-roll or we will farm enough red versions to extract the pattern and craft it into the gun.

Legendary Fixed Odds farm includes any amount of this LMG which is a must-have tool for PVE and PVP. Although it noticeably fires slower than other types of machine guns, Fixed Odds also deals significantly more damage, and combined with the recent upgrade to damage against PvE combatants, this Machine Gun may be one of the best weapons in the game to use with a Solar 3.0 build. Buying Fixed Odds craft is prior to any guardian who values their time and wants to start the expansion with the best guns at hand.

D2 Fixed Odds boosting rewards:

  1. The desired amount of Legendary Fixed Odds obtained.
  2. A lot of legendary Duality dungeon gear while farming for Fixed Odds.
  3. All resources that come along the way.
  4. Experience for your Season Pass and Artifact.

Boost takes ~5h (depends on luck).

Safety: 100% guaranteed VPN use in our recovery (piloted) services.

The basic version of the LMG that we will farm is the normal one (not the red version). If you want Fixed Odds red versions of the weapon please click the following additional option. You may also pick the required amount of weapons in the additional options section.

To level up this weapon you need to complete 5 resonance quests and it drops randomly, so the completion time will be extended.


  • 1560+ power level;
  • Witch Queen Deluxe DLC available.

How To Get Fixed Odds Machine Gun

If you’re looking to grab a roll of Fixed Odds, you’ll have to venture into Duality. The machine gun has two drop sources within the dungeon: it can both roll when you face off against the Nightmare of Caiatl and as additional loot from that encounter. The last boss in the dungeon gives players two rewards, which can be any item in the Duality. After you unlock it, though, it can also drop from the two secret chests in the dungeon, which can be opened once per week by each character.

D2 Fixed Odds LMG God Roll

Our team has stated Fixed Odds god roll and it looks like this:

  1. Field Prep/Killing Tally - This is the god roll for Fixed Odds in PvE, especially for Titans with the Actium War Rig chest piece.
  2. Field Prep/Rampage - Works similarly to the aforementioned roll, but Rampage is timed and may be better suited for PvP.
  3. Field Prep/Firing Line - The damage bonus provided by Firing Line works in addition to the Machine Gun buff, making this combination great for Raid encounters like Caretaker.
  4. Field Prep/Incandescent - This perk combo compliments Solar 3.0 builds, especially those that rely upon spreading the scorch effect.

The best part of the new DLC is that you may craft the weapon with the best perks available in its pool. In order to do that, you will need 5 Deepsight Resonance (red) versions of the gun and luckily you can farm the dungeon nonstop.

Fixed Odds