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Festival of the Lost Triumphs Carry

The gloomy festival is in full force in D2 and new Triumphs are waiting for players to complete them. Buy our fast Festival of the Lost Triumph carry and complete everything required to obtain All is Lost Seal to your collection. Pick from three major Triumphs of this event or add them all so that our team can deliver them to you without any effort or stress from your side.

Festival of the Lost Triumphs boost rewards:

  1. 135 points to your Triumph score.
  2. Glint of Hope - 14 pages revealed in the Book of the Forgotten.
  3. Glint of Victory - all pages unlocked in the Book of the Forgotten:
    • reward: Headless Hues shader to change the color of your gear.
  4. Masked Rider - collect all Festival of the Lost masks:

Boost takes: 2-3 days (depends on the chosen Triumphs).

This boost has a minimum requirement. If your Guardian level is lower than that, please contact our managers and we will provide help and create a custom order for you.


  • 1100+ power level.

Festival of the Lost Triumphs For Sale

The FotL Triumph Seals require a lot of time for completion. Let us put it this way, some of them are easy but tedious to do if you know how to get them fast, whereas others can take up several days to accomplish. Such time-consuming tasks are not that majority of D2 players are ready to do. Moreover, the whole Festival of the Lost event is very limited in time, and heroes only have 3 weeks to get all items and seals. Boosthive offers you a perfect way that will save you time and also get all juicy rewards.

Festival of the Lost Triumphs boosting service will help you to unlock the seasonal-specific seals, earn a new Beheaded Home legendary emblem while also collecting Manifested Pages for the Book of the Forgotten, and looting Festival masks to unlock Headless Horsepower vehicle. If you want to know more details of wish to get a full FotL package boost, feel free to chat with our 24/7 managers. We're always online and ready to help.

Festival of the Lost Triumphs