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Felwinter's Lie Legendary Shotgun

With Season of the Worthy one of the best legendary shotguns from D1 is back in the game. The combination of its range, perks, and Full Choke barrel make Felwinter's Lie the king of competitive Crucible mode.

Felwinter's Lie Legendary Shotgun boost rewards:

  1. Felwinter's Lie Legendary Shotgun;
  2. Chance to get an Exotic Gear;
  3. Glimmer, consumables, and resources that might drop during the service;
  4. XP for your Season Pass and Artifact.

D2 Felwinter's Lie Shotgun Boost ETA: 3 hours

Please note that Felwinter's Lie is no more accessible via quest. To get it we will farm Master Nightfalls for you to get enough Legendary Shards and Enhancement Prisms and buy the weapon in the Legacy Gear kiosk.


  • 1320+ Power level;
  • this boost is piloted & requires account sharing.
Felwinter's Lie Shotgun