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Eye of Sol

Here you can purchase Eye of Sol Sniper Rifle boost. It's a 90 RPM Sniper rifle with the greatest list of perks for archetype of this gun!

Boost ETA: 4 days.

Our team will farm x10 Eyes of Sol from Trials of Osiris through Tokens farm.

Eye of Sol boost includes:

  • x10 Eyes of Sol
  • Trials Tokens
  • Trials of Osiris loot
  • A lot of glimmer
  • A lot of legendary loot

Please Note: Eye of Sol Sniper Rifle farming requires its accessibility from the collection menu — it should have been earned before or should be available this week.


  • 1050+ powerlevel
  • Account sharing

We don't ask your secret question, so your account will be protected from theft.

Eye of Sol