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Entry Pending - Unlock Trials of Osiris Quest

Here you can purchase Entry Pending quest boost. In case of the new requirements for Trials of Osiris access new players have to complete questline from Saint - IVX.

Our team will farm Valor points for Rank reset in the Elimination playlist of Crucible.

Entry Pending quest boost includes:

  1. Valor Rank reset.
  2. 1250+ Power Level.
  3. 50 Guardians kills in Elimination.
  4. A lot of legendary brand-new loot.
  5. Live stream (please ask about the technical possibility before we start).

Boost ETA: 72 hours

Season of the Arrivals bring some changes in the game and new requirements will have to prepare new players for the Trials of Osiris playlist.


  • 1300+ power level;
Entry Pending Quest (Unlock Trials)