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Engineering Trade Skill Boost

Estimated time for boost: 5 days

Engineering Trade Skill is one of the Crafting skills in the New World MMO game. With this skill, your champion will be able to create ammunition, gathering tools, and craft powerful ranged weapons. Buying the Engineering Trade Skill leveling is a perfect way to save your gaming time and unlock this highly profitable profession to make use of other refining lines.

Engineering Trade Skill carry rewards:

  1. 1-200 engineering skill leveled up.
  2. Plans to create Muskets and ammunition, Bows and arrows.
  3. Siege weapons and harvesting tools crafting.
  4. All coins, materials, and crafted items that are left after the boost.
  5. Additional Trading Skills (optional).
  6. New World achievement - Master Engineer for skill level 200.

Boost ETA: 4 days.

If you want to unlock the full potential of Engineering and craft the best items, we recommend leveling corresponding skills that help to gather resources and materials for Engineering.

Important: Extra options may increase the duration of the boost.


  • New World account;
  • 60 level;
  • Steam Guard active.

New World Engineering Trade Skill Leveling

Buying the NW Engineering Skill boost is essential for those players who wish to play the ranged classes and equip a bow or a musket. It is a useful skill that can’t be replaced especially in end-game activities. Engineering can help you save lots of money on consumables and also craft your toon a powerful weapon.

The Engineering leveling services will get your Crafting Skill to the max level (200) and unlock access to the end-game recipes. If case you want to buy the Engineering Trade Skill carry or check what fast leveling guide our boosters make use of, you can always contact our support team and they will be glad to assist you 24/7.