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Elite PvP Gear Boost

Buying the Elite PvP Gear carry in the third season of the Shadowlands is the fastest way to gear up your character for both PvP and PvE content. The PvP Elite Set that we have for sale requires players to get a 1800+ arena rating and that is where our professional PvP boosting team can give you a helping hand.

Boost takes: ~1 day.

With our 1800+ arena rating carry you will unlock the full PvP elite Set transmogrification and get access to purchase 252 pvp gear! 

Elite PvP Gear carry service includes:

  • 1800+ arena rating boosted in the 3v3 (Rival II);
  • Elite PvP Gear purchase unlocked;
  • 239 ilvl (252 when in pvp) gear in the weekly Great Vault;
  • Arena rating 1550 and 1750 achievements;
  • Elite PvP Set Transmogrification unlocked (except the cloak);
  • Lots of Honor and Conquest points;

IMPORTANT: Please check the availability of fast start options in the online chat before the purchase. In some cases, the start can be delayed (if you purchase at night/early in the morning). 

Our fast PvP 1800 rating boost will not only allow you to get the great Elite PvP set look but also boost your overall item level and additionally unlock 239 (252 when in pvp) item level gear options in your weekly vault. But before the purchase of PvP elite gear boosting service please look through the basic requirements for this type of service. 


  • 60 level;
  • 220+ ilvl gear and PvP trinkets;
  • DPS spec.

1800 Arena Rating Carry Description

To buy the Elite PvP Set carry you will need to understand how this rating grind works. With the change in PvP gearing introduced in Shadowlands now PvP gear can be purchased for Conquest points. Then it should be upgraded for Honor. The more rating you have the higher you can upgrade your gear!

Here is the easy-to-grasp table on PvP items upgrade in Shadowlands for the elite PvP Set boosting.

PvP Rank

Arena Rating Required

Gear Item Level

Elite PvP Set piece 


1000 - 1399

226 ilvl (239 in pvp)

Wrist, Waist


1400 - 1799

233 ilvl (246 in pvp)

Hands, Legs, Boots

Rival I

1800 - 1949

239 ilvl (252 in pvp)

Shoulders, Helm, Chest

Our 1800+ arena boost will carry you to the target rating allowing you to purchase and upgrade your equipment to the 239 ilvl. This way you can skip lengthy dungeon runs with the low chance of getting the loot and get yourself BiS PvP Elite Gear with the required stats.

Choose us for your Elite PvP Set boost

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