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The Dreaming City Triumphs Seal

The Dreaming City is a Destination in Forsaken. The Dreaming City Seal Includes 11 triumphs - challenges to be completed within the seasonal game content. Buying The Dreaming City boost will help guardians to unlock the Cursebreaker in-game title and legendary gear in the process.

Boost ETA: 1-6 weeks.

The Dreaming City Triumphs boost includes:

  • Cursebreaker title - for completing all triumphs;
  • Mission Minded - Silver Tercel Sparrow;
  • The Scorn Champion - Blind Well random loot;
  • Into The Unknowns  - Dreaming City Legendary gear;
  • Suit Up - Full set of Reverie Dawn Armor;
  • O Grabber Robber Mine - Dreaming City Lore Unlocked;
  • The Hive Champion - Blind Well random loot;
  • The Taken Champion - Blind Well random loot;
  • Never Again - The Shattered Throne Legendary gear;
  • Gimme That Bow - Wish-Ender Bow;
  • Corrupted Omellete - Dreaming City random loot. 

Most of these triumphs are time-gated which means you have to wait the next weekend.


  • Forsaken DLC.
Dreaming City Triumphs Seal