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Dreaming City Bundle

Dreaming City has been reworked in Season of the Chosen and now offers brand new upgraded weapons and armor lootable in all sorts of various dungeons, bounties, and missions. To make it easier for Guardians we are offering you to buy the Dreaming City bundle that will allow you to farm all new items more efficiently.

D2 Dreaming City bundle Boost ETA: 48 hours.

Purchase this bundle if you are looking for the god rolls on Waking Vigil, Retold Tale, and Sleepless guns. We can 100% guarantee that it is the fastest and most reliable way to get it.

D2 Dreaming city Bundle carry includes:

  • Shattered Throne completion with secret chests (x5 items guarantee);
  • x4 Weekly Petra's Venj bounties carry;
  • lots of valuable resources;
  • a lot of glimmer.

All Dreaming City armor pieces were reworked and its powerlevel cap refreshed. The overall stats and power of gear were boosted. Additionally, now all items have a higher drop chance with higher base stats which makes this zone an ideal gearing-up location for D2 players!

However, before rushing into purchasing the Dreaming City loot and carries please go through the basic requirements for this type of service.


  • D2 Forsaken DLC;
  • this boost is piloted & requires account sharing.

Dreaming City Upgraded Loot Boost

With the latest DLC, some older content of Forsakes expansion has been upgraded and now became a valid way to gear up your guardian and boost some powerlevel with high light gear from Dreaming City. Our bundle includes all loot caring missions plus the dungeon run that can result in getting up to 9 unique items per week.

Here is how Dreaming City Bundle carry works:

  • you place the order and buy the Dreaming City gearing up loot boost;
  • our pro carry team will take care of the rest;
  • we will complete all 4 weekly contracts of Petra's Venj (x4 gear pieces);
  • plus we will clear the Shattered Throne dungeon (x5 gear pieces).

This way with a single purchase you get a full weekly dreaming city loot count acquired into your Guardian’s inventory. Some of the items in the refreshed Dreaming City have pretty nice boosted stats and weapons new seasonal perks. Don’t waste your playing time on the old content grind, when it can be rather spent on some fun PvP activities and interesting missions with your friends.

Dreaming City Bundle