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Deep Stone Crypt Seal Triumphs

The Deep Stone Crypt is the main point to get Exo. Located on the planet Europa, Deep Stone Crypt raid is considered one of the best raids on Europa planet. Buying Deep Stone Crypt triumph seal boost you get up to 19 triumphs completion and Descendant title for completion all 19 Deep Stone Crypt triumphs.

Deep Stone Crypt Triumph boost includes:

  • Descendant title - for completing all triumphs;
  • Deep Stone Crypt Badge;
  • Deep Stone Crypt Raid - Deep Stone Crypt Raid completing;
  • Control Group - All raid encounters completion in the same Guardian class;
  • Meltdown - All raid encounters completion in solar subclasses;
  • Devoid of the Rest - All encounters completion in void subclasses;
  • Not a Scratch - Retrocausality Sparrow;
  • Resource Contention - Crypt security challenge completion;
  • Short Circuit - One player depositing challenge on Taniks boss completion;
  • Red Rover Challenge - Red Rover Challenge completion;
  • The Cour Four Challenge - The Cour Four Challenge completion;
  • Clan Night: Deep Stone Crypt - Deep Stone completion with a full fireteam of clanmates;
  • Electric Sheep - All encounters completion in arc subclasses;
  • Freezing Point - All encounters completion in stasis subclasses;
  • Cryptkeeper - Cryptic insignia shader;
  • Rock Bottom - No Love Lost Ghost Shell;
  • 5 Seconds to Paradise - The Once-Shipstealer;
  • Ready, Set, Go - Completing the last boss challenge;
  • Copies of Copies Challenge - Copies of Copies Challenge completing;
  • Of All Trades Challenge - Of All Trades Challenge completing.

Boost ETA: completion full seal takes 4 weeks, completion of single Triumphs from 1 day.


Deep Stone Crypt Seal