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Dead Man's Tale Catalyst Masterwork Boost

Dead Man’s Tale is a new Exotic Scout Rifle from Tex Mechanica that drops after you complete the Presage Exotic Quest quest. To get a catalyst, however, players have to complete the Presage mission again on Master difficulty. Boosthive will unlock this quest and complete it on the Master difficulty for you to enjoy your improved Dead Man's Tale with an increased rate of fire and accuracy.

D2 Dead Man's Tale Catalyst Masterwork rewards:

  1. Fully Masterworked Dead Man's Tale Catalyst.
  2. Glimmer, consumables, and resources that may drop during the service.
  3. XP for your Season Pass and Artifact.

D2 Dead Man's Tale Catalyst Masterwork Boost takes: 48 hours.


  • 1320+ Power level;
  • Dead Man's Tale Exotic Scout Rifle obtained;
  • Dead Man's Tale Catalyst required.

Please select the corresponding option if you want us to unlock Pressage Exotic Quest for you and obtain catalyst.

How to get Dead Man's Tale Catalyst?

Getting yourself a Dead Man's Tale Scout Rifle is not a very difficult task. All you need to do is to complete an Exotic Presage Mission. Players are not limited in time on standard difficulty, and the mission itself does not have overestimated requirements for Power Level. However, after the first completion, the Master difficulty will open to players, at the end of which Guardians will unlock Dead Man's Tale Catalyst.

Master Presage completion requires 1320+ Power Level and a well-coordinated fireteam. In addition, the completion is complicated by the fact that you have only 25 minutes to complete the mission.

After you manage to beat the Presage mission, you need to return to Zavala, who will give you a long-awaited Catalyst. All you need to do next is to masterwork it. This task requires players to unlock caches in the Presage mission, or get 800 kills. It is better to entrust such a boring routine to Boosthive professionals, who will complete it in no time.

Why Dead Man's Tale Catalyst Masterwork is good for everyone?

The Scout Rifle from Tech Mechanica is good as is even without a Catalyst, but upgrading it to a masterwork grants you the new Dark-Forged Trigger perk and takes your gun to the next level. It increases the rate of fire of the weapon and removes the accuracy penalty when firing from the hip. Thus, it is possible to conduct aimed fire while maintaining good visibility and mobility.

The biggest benefit you get from a new Catalyst is in Crucible. When shooting from the hip, your radar is always active, and your movement speed does not drop. In terms of rate of fire, the weapon can compete with the best hand cannons, while it does not have a penalty for accuracy or firing range.

Dead Man's Tale Catalyst Masterwork