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Dead Man's Tale \ Presage Quest Boost

Buying the Dead Man's Tale exotic 120 RPM scout rifle is the fastest way to get it into your Guardian’s inventory. D2 Dead Man's Tale weapon boost not only allows you to get this awesome gun but farm additional copies of it with new cool perks. DMT weapon was added in Season of the Chosen and available for farming via Preasage Exotic Quest carry.

The main feature of this Scout rifle is 120 RPM making it the unique exotic in D2. Additionally, it has an opportunity to get random rolls in 3D column perk.

Dead Man's Tale Exotic rifle boost includes:

  1. x1 Presage mission completion.
  2. Dead Man's Tale Scout rifle obtained.
  3. A lot of glimmer.
  4. Lots of other valuable resources.

Dead Man's Tale Exotic carry takes: 1-48 hours.

Another top perk of the Dead Man's Tale scout rifle is that each precision hit grants bonus damage which makes this weapon the deadliest choice on long-range distance.

We offer Dead Man's Tale gun for sale for every player of D2, however, please read through ur basic requirements for this type of boosting service.


  • 1300+ powerlevel;
  • New Light campaign completed;
  • D2 Beyond Light DLC;
  • this boost is a recovery(piloted).

D2 Presage Mission carry

Presage mission is a new secret quest added in the Season of the Chosen which allows you to unlock and loot the exotic rifle in question. Although we offer you to buy the Presage quest boost you can always try to complete it yourself.

To unlock the Presage quest and try your chances to get a perfect godrolled Dead Man’s Tale exotic rifle, players would first have to locate the Distress Signal inside the Arm’s Dealer Strike.

Here is a brief guide on how to unlock the Presage and Dead Man’s Tale.

  1. Head to Arm’s Dealer Strike node in the EDZ.
  2. Instead of hacking the door keep right and go through a newly opened door.
  3. Fight some mobs and get the signal.
  4. With the signal in hand, you may leave back to orbit.
  5. Travel to the Tower and talk to Zavala.
  6. Zavala will give you a quest of the ship investigation.
  7. Navigate to Tangled Shore and find the new exotic Presage mission.

The Presage quest is a cool and fun mission that has lots of backtracking puzzles. Although it may seem easy at first the fights are extremely hard and may result in multiple attempts, wipes, and wasted time. To avoid that we offer you the fast Presage carry service that will allow you to easily complete the quest and boost your Guardian with the Dead Man’s Tale scout rifle.

Dead Man's Tale Scout Rifle Carries

The Presage quest is just the challenge so that players like you and us can get their hands on the unique exotic weapon of the D2 game. Therefore, the Dead Man’s Tale boost is the tool to do that faster and more efficiently.

Our professional carry team will gladly assist you in your first or x2 weekly attempts in getting the best roll of this cool exotic gun. Why everyone is so hyped about it, you ask?

Here are the top 5 facts about the DMT rifle that make it awesome:

  • it is the only rifle that has 120 RPM in whole D2;
  • it has the Cranial Spike per that deals crazy damage;
  • it is one of the deadliest long-range exotics in the game;
  • it has the Transformative perk similar to Hawkmoon;
  • the random rolls make the godroll Dead Man’s Tale copy possible.

So whether you want to unlock the Presage and get your first Dead Man's Tale exotic or wish to farm out some more copies of this rifle to get the right perks roll,  Boosthive can help you with both. Our pro D2 boosting team can get you DMT gun in a matter of hours without any stress!

Don’t forget that our Dead Man's Tale Scout Rifle carry has a 100% guarantee on order completion meaning that you will get exactly what you have paid for.

Dead Man's Tale \ Presage