Shadowlands Darkmaul


The Darkmaul is a new collectible ground mount added in Shadowlands patch 9.1 Chains of Domination. It has a unique way of obtaining it through a mushroom collection and friendly rides. However, if you don’t want to waste precious time at the beginning of the new patch your best option would be to buy the Darkmaul mount boost and allow our carry team to farm it for you.

The Darkmaul carry includes the following rewards.

  1. Rare ground mount Darkmaul.
  2. 10x Tasty Mawshroom looted.
  3. Gold, resources, and other loot that randomly drops during the service.

The Darkmaul mount boost ETA: 2-3 weeks. (Depends on the drop chance of Mawshrooms)

Please note: Mawshrooms spawn randomly in several spots across Korthia. You can loot only 1 mushroom from each spot. There are 5 waypoints and the drop chance is really low, so the boost will take at least 2 weeks as 10 items are required in total.

Before purchasing the Darkmaul mount boost, please have a look at the minimum requirements for this type of service. If you don't meet any of these, but you still want to get loot Darkmaul, please pick one of the options or simply contact our managers in the online chat and we will glad to help.


  • 60 level character
  • Korthia unlocked.

Patch 9.1 Darkmaul Mount Boost Info

Over 40 brand new mounts are being added in Shadowlands patch 9.1. It is a staggering amount for a content patch and obtaining all of them can overwhelm even the most hardcore players. Therefore here you will find a mini-guide that our booster will follow to get the Darkmaul into your mount collection.

How to loot the Darkmaul mount in Korthia?

  1. We collect 10x Tasty Mawshroom items from invasive Mawshroom treasures in Korthia.
  2. All items are brought to the NPC Darkmaul at 42.8, 32.7.
  3. Upon feeding 10 Mawshrooms, your character will get the mount.

Where are the Invasive Mawshroom treasures in Korthia?

These treasures have 5 different locations across the zone. The spots do not share spawn timers. However, each zone has different places and only 1 Mawshroom can spawn in each location. You can use the addon TomTom to locate all the points.

Group Location coordinates
1. /way 54.2, 41.2 Invasive Mawshroom 1
/way 56.8, 51.5 Invasive Mawshroom 1
/way 57.3, 39.4 Invasive Mawshroom 1
/way 60.7, 38.2 Invasive Mawshroom 1
2. /way 49.4, 40.7 Invasive Mawshroom 2
/way 49.9, 32.5 Invasive Mawshroom 2
/way 53.7, 37.9 Invasive Mawshroom 2
3. /way 42.3, 34.6 Invasive Mawshroom 3
/way 43.6, 36.6 Invasive Mawshroom 3
/way 45.6, 34.3 Invasive Mawshroom 3
4. /way 35.7, 31.1 Invasive Mawshroom 4
/way 39.7, 34.8 Invasive Mawshroom 4
5. /way 39.6, 30.0 Invasive Mawshroom 5
/way 41.2, 44.9 Invasive Mawshroom 5
/way 54.8, 55.5 Invasive Mawshroom 5

If you don’t feel like constantly flying from one location to another and see mushrooms being collected by someone else right in front of you, feel free to buy the Darkmaul mount boosting service and get the mount in a relaxed and fun way!