Stygian Stones Farm

Stygian Stones Farm

The Stygian Stones farm is a hassle-free way of obtaining any number of this new currency in Diablo 4. Stygian Stones are used to summon Tormented versions of bosses and can be obtained from the reward chest at the end of the Pit of the Artificer. Clearing the Pit successfully is no easy feat, as it requires a solid build and quite a bit of free time. Simply buy Stygian Stones and let our pro players help you get as many as you need!

Start time: 1 hour | Boos takes: Flexible
The service includes:
  1. The desired number of Stygian Stones acquired.
  2. Fast delivery.
This service has following additional options available:
  • Unlock World Tier 4 - we will help you unlock the Torment difficulty.
  • Stream - we will stream your order completion to you.

The Stygian Stones farm is available on all platforms.

  • Main campaign completed.
  • World Tier 4 unlocked.

How to Get Stygian Stones

Stygian Stones are obtained by clearing the Pit of the Artificer. The higher the Tier level of the Pit, the higher the chances of obtaining Stygian Stones. When you buy Stygian Stones at Boosthive, our pro players will trade you the ordered amount.

How to Use Stygian Stones

Stygian Stones are one of the currencies required to summon Tormented versions of bosses. Each boss requires two Stygian Stones along with three times the regular summoning materials. Let’s see which boss requires what materials:



Torment Varshan

  • 2 Stygian Stones
  • 3 Gurgling Heads
  • 3 Blackened Femurs
  • 3 Trembling Hands
  • 3 Malignant Hearts

Torment Grigoire

  • 2 Stygian Stones
  • 15 Living Steel

Torment Zir

  • 2 Stygian Stones
  • 27 Exquisite Blood

Torment Beast in the Ice

  • 2 Stygian Stones
  • 27 Distilled Fear
  • 150 Sigil Powder

Torment Duriel

  • 2 Stygian Stones
  • 6 Mucus-Slick Eggs
  • 5 Shards of Agony

Torment Andariel

  • 2 Stygian Stones
  • 6 Sandscorched Shackles
  • 6 Pincushioned Dolls

Although boss materials have received a buff to their drop chance, getting Stygian Stones can be quite a time-sink. Order the Stygian Stones farm at Boosthive and our pro players will get you as many stones as you need!

How it Works

Want to buy Stygian Stones but are unsure of the process? Don’t worry, as we have prepared a step-by-step guide to walk you through the process:

  1. Select the required number of Stygian Stones.
  2. Proceed to checkout to finalize the payment and fill in order info.
  3. We will contact you within 3-7 minutes to discuss all order details.
  4. You then meet with our team in-game and our player will simply trade all purchased Stygian Stones.

If you have any questions regarding the Stygian Stones farm - do not hesitate to shoot us a message via the live-chat on the website or our Discord server. Our customer support teams are online 24/7 and are eager to help. Elevate your gaming experience with Boosthive today!

Stygian Stones Farm