Seal of the Worthy Boost

Seal of the Worthy

Buy the Seal of the Worthy and get a guaranteed Unique item without hassle! Seal of the Worthy is awarded to players who reach the high score in the weekly Gauntlet. Acquiring the seal allows you to get a guaranteed Unique item. Let our pro players get the high score for you - get the Seal of the Worthy boost at Boosthive today.

Start time: 1 hour | Boost takes: Flexible
The service includes:
  1. High score in the Weekly Gauntlet achieved.
  2. Seal of the Worthy acquired.
  3. EXP for the Battle pass.

The Seal of the Worthy boost is available on all platforms.

  • Main campaign completed.
  • World Tier 4 unlocked.

How to get the Seal of the Worthy in Diablo 4

There are four ranks of Seals earnable throughout the weekly Gauntlet. These ranks are:

  1. Seal of the Blooded.
  2. Seal of the Steadfast.
  3. Seal of the Iron-Willed.
  4. Seal of the Worthy.

The higher the score, the better the seal and rewards you get.

Starting with Season 4 players who get the Seal of the Worthy are guaranteed a Unique item drop. This makes the Gauntlet another great option for Unique farming. However, getting a highscore in the Gauntlet is no easy feat. It requires a solid build and precise knowledge of the weekly Gauntlet’s layout. We recommend getting the Seal of the Worthy boost to let our pro players run the Gauntlet for you. That way you can get amazing rewards without needing to spend countless hours clearing the Gauntlet.

How it Works

Want to buy the Seal of the Worthy but are unsure of the process? Don’t worry, as we have prepared a step-by-step guide to walk you through the process:

  1. Select additional options if needed.
  2. Proceed to checkout to finalize the payment and fill in order info.
  3. We will contact you within 3-7 minutes to discuss all order details.
  4. Enjoy the rewards!

If you have any questions regarding the Seal of the Worthy boost in Diablo 4 - do not hesitate to shoot us a message via the live-chat on the website or our Discord server. Our customer support teams are online 24/7 and are eager to help. Elevate your gaming experience with Boosthive today!

Seal of the Worthy