PoE Custom Builds

Custom Build

There are hundreds of even thousands of different builds available in Path of Exile. Custom build farming service allows players to set up the characters the way they want and at a fair price. This offer is designed for those who want to get a specific PoE build from any guide, video, or stream.

Contact us with any specific build to calculate the final price and completion time. If you don't have a certain build in mind, the team is also ready to help to make the right decision depending on your preferred game style and experience.

Custom build farming includes:

  1. Any specific build of your choice and budget.
  2. Other loot that drops during the service.

Boost takes: depends on the build. Ask in online chat for more information.

Before buying a Custom PoE build from us, please read carefully the minimal requirements.


  • 95+ level character;
  • this service is piloted only;
  • available on PC only;

Custom PoE Builds For Sale

Here we offer to buy various popular builds in Lost Ark. This service is updated regularly with new meta-builds depending on the ongoing League and patches. Custom builds have different playstyles, survivability levels, AOE & single target damage. Exalts investment also varies depending on the preferred build.

Struggle to pick the one that suits your gamestyle best? Feel free to contact our online-managers via online-chat or discord, and the team will help to pick the build that suits you best. If you also looking for a more custom PoE build that you saw somewhere - do not hesitate to contact us as well. We are always eager to provide a custom offer depending on the request.

Custom Build