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Curse of Osiris Campaign

Here you can purchase Curse of Osiris DLC campaign completion in D2. You will be able to start Forsaken and Shadowkeep DLC activities.

Boost ETA: up to 24 hours.

We support all kinds of platforms: PC, PS4, and Xbox. Price is negotiable if you completed a part of campaign.

Default Curse of Osiris campaign boost rewards:

  • Curse of Osiris campaign completed
  • You will get Mercury and Osiris' Trials to your collection
  • One subclass unlocked
  • A chance for exotic armor and weapons
  • A lot of random rare gear

If you would like to get Livestream of service, please ask the manager about it before we start.


  • Forsaken expansion purchased
  • New light on the account
Curse of Osiris Campaign