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Crucible Triumphs Seal

The main point of Crucible is the Unbroken title, that revolves around the PvP Crucible activities. Shadowkeep Seal includes 10 different triumphs - challenges to be completed within the PVP game content. Buying the Crucible boost will help guardians to unlock the Unbroken in-game title and points.

Boost ETA: 1-3 seasons.

Crucible Triumphs boost includes: 

  • Unbroken title - for completing all triumphs;
  • Legendary Valor - 2000 Valor points in Crucible;
  • Right Back at it - Valor rank reset;
  • Fight For Glory - Earning 5 Glory ranks across all seasons;
  • Become Legend - Earning 5 Glory ranks across one season;
  • Unstoppable glory - 5 win streak in Glory mode; 
  • Forever Valorous - Earning 5 Valor ranks across all seasons;
  • Prestigious -  3 Valor rank resets across all seasons;
  • Unbroken Valor - 5 win streak in Valor mode;
  • A Glorious Legend - getting a Glory rank of "Legend" in 3 seasons.


  • No special requirement.
Crucible Triumphs Seal