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Crucible of Storms Mythic

Crucible of Storms Mythic boost is the best way to get top loot with special effects. You will get kill of 2 new bosses, azerite power, a chance for 325 gear and feat of strength. 

ETA: 2 hours.

Raid itself looks very specific and dark and decorated in the theme of Old God N'zoth. 

Crucible of Storms Mythic run includes:

Please note that character transfer is required for Mythic mode. If you go self-played please do at least 1 hit on each boss in the raid to be available to get loot

 Additional options:

  • Selfplay: you play by yourself (don't need to know tactics)

Please note that you must do 1 hit to each boss in order to be able to receive loot, titles, and achievements. All runs happen in personal loot mode, meaning that you will get loot personally dropped to you with a 20% chance from each boss.


  • 120 level character with 390 case of piloted mode
  • Fresh raid cooldown on a character

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