Lost Ark Crucible of Souls

Crucible of Souls Dungeons

Crucible of Souls boost includes quick runs to such abyssal dungeons as Forge of the Fallen Pride and Road of Lament. Endgame progression heavily relies on these dungeons, since they reward players with great loot. Each of the dungeons contains two bosses. All of them require a unique approach and learning the mechanics to be able to take them down. Forge of the Fallen Pride needs even more preparation as it's harder than the first one.

Crucible of Souls dungeon boosting services save time for the players that want to get the crafting materials as fast as possible. Completion of the Crucible of Souls may take a lot of time to finish for people who aren't fully prepared yet. This is not the case when it comes to our services. Buy Forge of the Fallen Pride & Road of Lament runs, and get a quick and easy dungeon completion. Both dungeons are completed in the shortest time possible, for players to enjoy their loot and continue having fun in Lost Ark.

Crucible of Souls abyss dungeons T2 rewards:

  1. Accessories.
  2. Ability Stones.
  3. Engraving Books.
  4. Cards.
  5. Materials for set pieces crafting.

Boost takes: ~1-2 hours/dungeon.

You can order one of two Abyssal dungeons in the Crucible of Souls, or get both of them at the same time to maximize the rewards. Pick several runs with a flexible slider to farm even more materials for your set.

Before buying Crucible of Souls dungeons boosting, please have a look at the minimal requirements for this type of service.


  • 50 level;
  • 840+ ilvl;
  • Yorn storyline completed;
  • for Forge of the Fallen Pride: Road of Lament must be cleared;
  • this service is piloted only.

About Crucible of Souls Dungeons Boosting

Crucible of Souls is the second tier of Abyssal Dungeons that players gain access to. This happens when the player hits ilvl 840. Both Road of Lament and Forge of the Fallen Pride dungeons have two bosses in their arsenal. Each boss requires a specific strategy unique to it, as well as a general understanding of the gameplay and good mechanical skills. Let’s take a closer look at each of the abyssal dungeons that the Crucible of Souls carry helps with.

Road of Lament Carry Info

Road of Lament dungeon boost helps players with two bosses as well. Kaylara serves as the second boss of this dungeon. Much like other fights in tier 2, this boss has a team-wipe mechanic to keep players on their toes. As soon as you see Kaylara teleporting to the center of the arena producing a shockwave, that’s a signal to the group to be ready. Each player has to get to a designated position and catch golden orbs, avoiding red ones.

After acquiring 3 stacks of golden orbs, a field will appear around the player and having said field is vital for survival during this phase. After some time gold orbs stop appearing, and the boss will start shooting red ones all around the arena. They can only be destroyed by the field that was gained earlier in the fight.

The first enemy that will be dealt with if you buy a Road of Lament boost is Najjar. While his attacks on their own don’t damage players much, they come with hard-to-dodge patterns and can stun players, leaving them open to continuous incoming damage. All there is to do is be careful with avoiding his attack patterns, as well as blood clouds that will be spawned throughout the fight.

As you can see, it takes a lot of time and practice to learn each boss’ attack patterns and mechanics. It isn’t perfect for people who value their time and just want to get rewards, and this is exactly where our Road of Lament carry services come in handy!

Forge of the Fallen Pride Boost Guide

With Fallen Pride carry you can receive all the rewards from the completion of this part of the Crucible of Souls. This quick and easy service ensures that you get all the loot in the shortest time possible. The most optimal way to progress a toon is to complete it weekly. Because of this, having a way to reliably get all the rewards is very important.

The first boss that Forge of the Fallen Pride boost deals with is Avadon. This boss might be easy to defeat on its own, but the main difficulty comes from his summons which can be devastating. One of his main Mechanics is a curse. As soon as he stacks 3 orbs on top of any given player, said player will explode, dealing damage to everyone around them, so the best course of action would be to cure the curse as soon as possible. His second main attack is AoE slashes that can stagger people that get caught into it, so all there is to it is being careful with positioning.

Another boss that the Forge of the Fallen Pride dungeon boosting helps with is Kaishur. This boss has a one-shot mechanic that players need to be constantly mindful of. When the boss summons phantoms, players have to kill one that matches the color of the orb in Kaishur’s hand. This will create a safe zone where players can stand and DPS the boss. However, if the damage isn’t sufficient, it will result in a party wipe.

Crucible of Souls Dungeons