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Crown of Sorrow

Here you can purchase Crown of Sorrow raid completion. It's a new raid in D2 with 2 encounters: Hive ritual and Gahlran, The Sorrow Bearer.

Boost ETA: 2 hours.

You will get a full run with our 5 experienced guardians with rare rewards such as weapons, armor, shaders, emblem or exotic guns.

Crown of Sorrow raid boost rewards:

  • Fast full clear of Crown of Sorrow raid
  • All dropped armor and weapons
  • Tarrabah Exotic drop chance

If you would like to get a weekly challenge, simply choose the additional option and we will complete one of four weekly challenges (its rotate every week).


  • Forsaken DLC purchased
  • Acc-play mode (you have to share your account with our team member)

We don't ask your secret question, so your account will be protected from theft.

Crown of Sorrow


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