Court of Harvesters Reputation

Court of Harvesters Reputation

Court of Harvesters reputation is one of four key reputations in World of Warcraft Shadowlands. It is a must-have reputation to collect the essential conduits to boost your character’s powers.

Boost ETA: ~3-4 weeks.

Buying a CoH reputation is the fastest way to get Exalted rewards, unique transmogrification, pets, and mounts.

Court of Harvesters reputation carry includes:

Court of Harvesters reputation boost is the perfect way to save a lot of time grinding this rep to obtain the legendary perk and an awesome mount. However, before you can buy CoH reputation carry you must fulfill some basic requirements.


  • 60 level Shadowlands character;
  • no gear requirements.

How to fast farm Court of Harvesters reputation?

Shadowlands expansion has removed the concept of numerous reputation and brought the new faction count to just 4 key reputations. Each of them rewards players with ultimately profitable rewards including the shadowlands legendary perks for Runecarver. Every player will get access to all 4 of SHadolwands reputations. Court of Harvesters is one of those essential reputations to boost.

It all starts in the Revendreth zone at the Darkhaven location. Most of the storyline quests in this zone will grant you some reputation with the Court of Harvesters. On the high-level limited world quest in Revendreth will grant you massive amounts of reputation. Mistress Mihaela is a quartermaster of this vampiric faction who can be found in a big house with the following  61.33 63.73 coordinates. After you find her just follow some basic guidelines for a fast CoH reputation grinding experience.

  1. Do all of the available world quests.
  2. WQ now grants additional reputation points but harder to complete.
  3. Get the Contract: Court of Harvesters to boost reputation farm.
  4. Do the Shadowlands Callings for the CoH faction.
  5. Complete x3 weekly Court of Harvesters quests.

After farming out the Court of Harvesters reputation all the rewards at the quartermaster store will be unlocked. Here is how it currently looks like. The most interesting items include the mount  Court Sinrunner, a battle pet Court Messenger Scroll, a toy Sinvyr Tea Set, and the shadowlands legendary quality A Memory of Norgannon's Sagacity.

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Court of Harvesters Reputation