Core Hound Chain

Core Hound Chain

Core Hound Chain mount boost is the best way to get this flaming Hound from the WoW 10th Anniversary event. This celebration happened years ago and the only way to get this mount is to buy it from the Black Market. Buying Core Hound Chain from us guarantees you get this mount and our team will take care of the rest without using your gold.

Core Hound Chain mount was awarded for defeating the max-level version of Ragnaros in the updated Molten Core during the 10th Anniversary celebration. Players were getting FoS Boldly, You Sought the Power of Ragnaros, and this mount as a reward. You cannot get the achievement anymore, but you can still loot the Core Hound Chain mount with our help.

WoW Core Hound Chain boost rewards:

  1. Guaranteed ground mount - Core Hound Chain.
  2. Bidding win rate 95% on Black Market.
  3. Free 1-70 leveling to access BMAH.

Boost takes: 2-8 weeks.

Important: Please check our requirements and guidance on how we will be getting Core Hound Chain for you.


  • second sub-account with new expansion (f.e WoW 2) on the same battle-net;
  • instant character 70 lvl boost purchased;
  • purchased game time;
  • NO need to have ANY gold on your account;
  • this service is piloted only.

BMAH Core Hound Chain Boosting Info

The way of obtaining Core Hound Chain mount from Black Market is quite simple but it requires that we shed light on this method.

Here we provide our step-by-step guide on how this service works for you.

  1. You need to create another account (f.e. WoW 2) within your battle-net account.
  2. Any Dragonflight edition and game time purchased.
  3. Order 3 Character Transfers bundle via in-game shop.
  4. Our team will start hunting for the desired mount on 20+ different realms.
  5. When an item pops up on any server, we will transfer there.
  6. We will start bidding on the item and win it on the first try with a ~95% chance.
  7. If we lose the bidding, we will repeat steps 4-6 steps.

As you can see, this whole way of looting your own Core Hound mount is crystal clear. We use the addon that tracks all lots on all the servers, so we never miss when an item is available for sale on any realm. Our boosters know how to win the bidding and we use only legal methods. Everything is completed on your second account, so you never risk wasting your money and time.

If you are still unsure or have some uncertainties about how our Core Hound Chain mount service works, you're welcome in online chat, skype, or discord. Our managers work 24/7 and our team is always ready to help you with any questions or custom requests.

Core Hound Chain