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Compass Rose Shotgun

Destiny 2 Compass Rose Crucible weapon is the new shotgun obtainable from the Solstice of Heroes questline. The first copy is given to guardians right at the beginning of the summer event, however, to get a god-rolled version players will have to farm some Solstice Key Fragments to unlock the Solstice packages.

Buying the Compass Rose carry in Destiny 2 allows you to skip the fragments grind and get a copy of the weapon with the perfect perks and stats.

Compass Rose weapon boosting rewards.

  1. Chosen amount of Compass Rose Shotguns farmed.
  2. Solstice packages opened.
  3. Other loot obtained from Solstice boxes.
  4. Powerlevel experience gains from the runs.

D2 Compass Rose carry ETA: ~1 hour for 1 weapon.

The drop rate of this weapon is completely random. However, our team will farm it until we obtain the chosen amount of shotguns. Before buying our Compass Rose farming service please check if you meet the basic requirements and eligible for this boost, otherwise, you can always speak to one of our support managers to create a custom carry order.


  • 1100+ powerlevel.

Compass Rose Carry in Solstice of Heroes

With the SoH event ongoing it is a must to get yourself a god-rolled version of this powerful shotgun because of two main things. First of all, it is a great addition to your arsenal weapon collection as it has some unique perks and traits that make it a perfect choice in some PvP and PvE encounters. Secondly, it is a cool-looking shotgun that will not stay unnoticed by your teammates.

However, getting the god-rolled version is not an easy task as it may require tens of Compas Rose copies before you get the right combination of traits and perks. To make your life easier our Compass Rose boosting service can supply you with an unlimited amount of copies without any stress or effort from your side. Buying the Compas Rose carry is the fastest and 100% reliable way to get the top-quality SoH weapon.

Destiny 2 Compass Rose God Roll

The key objective of getting the god rolled version of any weapon in Destiny two including the Compass Rose Shotgun is to have such a build of traits and perks that maximize your guardian performance in a particular activity, THerefore there are two God Rolled versions of the Compass Rose weapon, one for PvP and another one for PvE. Here are the perfect builds for each of these versions.

Compass Rose GR weapon builds:

Compass Rose for PvP (maximized speed, range, and handling)

  • Quickdraw;
  • Light Mag;
  • Barrel Shroud.

Compass Rose for PvE (not ideal buy improves the range and damage)

  • Vorpal Weapon;
  • Smoothbore;
  • Steady Rounds.

In case you are looking to get both versions you might want to order a larger amount of copies farmed by our boosting team that way you will have a wider choice range.

Compass Rose