Collective Obligation Exotic

Collective Obligation Exotic

Collective Obligation is an exotic pulse rifle in D2 that can be obtained with a 1% chance after defeating the Rhulk, Disciple of the Witness finale boss in the Vow of the Disciple raid. Getting Collective Obligation requires farming the boss weekly and looking for fireteams, which is not an easy task for most of the single-player guardians. That's why purchasing Collective Obligation boost is a perfect way to save a lot of time and nerves.

D2 Collective Obligation carry is a service of farming the Rhulk encounter in VoD weekly until the exotic rifle is received. It's not a chance, it's guaranteed completion. Get some quality time pawning opponents in PvE or PvP activities with one of the best S16 rifles.

The Collective Obligation carries rewards:

  1. Collective Obligation exotic pulse rifle obtained.
  2. VoW of the Disciple Rhulk boss defeated 3 times weekly (until drop).
  3. Full raid completion (optional).
  4. Unique Red Weapons for your Shaping Weapons system.
  5. Pinnacle VoD raid weapons and armor.
  6. Additional option (selected number of runs) - farm last boss Rhulk for the selected number of the option.

Collective Obligation carry takes: 1-6 weeks.

Safety: 100% guaranteed VPN use in our recovery (piloted) services.

Full raid completion options count to every run that we will complete while farming the weapon.

If "selected number of runs" is taken then we will farm the last boss Rhulk only, for the chosen number of times.


  • 1540+ power level.

Collective Obligation boost for sale

You may select any number of tries by picking the "select the number of runs" additional options. This way it's a single run and not a guaranteed drop but you can manage as many as you want for a more comfortable price.

If you are still unsure whether you would like to buy the Collective Obligation boost or if you simply want to unlock all the Forge weapons, please chat with one of our support managers. They are available 24/7 and would be glad to assist you and explain everything you need to know about this exotic rifle boost that we have for sale.

How to get Collective Obligation and what it does

With the opening of the new VoD raid in Season 16 of the Witch Queen DLC a new weapon was added to the loot pull from Rhulk boss. Collective Obligation drop rate is very low, around 1%, and the chance of finding a fireteam that can beat the entire raid and the last boss itself is another pain in that quest but the weapon is totally worth it, and here is why.

Collective Obligation is a complement to the season's meta and makes Void 3.0 shine even brighter. Its Intrinsic perk is Void Leach - This weapon leeches Void debuffs when damaging targets that are suppressed, weakened, or volatile. Once charged, [Alternate Weapon Action] to swap firing modes. In this mode, damage from this weapon applies the same Void debuffs. This makes void gameplay even more destructive.

Collective Obligation Catalyst

Currently, there is no information about the Collective Obligation catalyst or even what it does. Most likely it will appear in the game when the Master Mode of the raid will open. Sadly there is no date for when that will happen but even without a catalyst, this weapon is a decent upgrade to the void meta.

Collective Obligation Exotic