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Naxxramas Tier 7 Sets

Naxxramas Tier 7 boosting is the best way to get new class tier sets in phase 1 of WotLK Classic. Our professional carry team will help to gather 2- or 4-pieces of Naxxramas tier sets and unlock powerful bonuses for any class. When you buy tier 7 farm from us, you are guaranteed to get all the desired pieces to improve character performance.

WoW WotLK Tier 7 boost rewards:

  1. 2 or 4 pieces gathered in 10/25 player mode.
  2. Kill of selected bosses that ONLY drop chosen tier sets.
  3. Class tier bonuses unlocked.
  4. Several Emblems of Valor.

Boost takes: varies.

Naxxramas tier set carry will be available on several WotLK Classic realms. Please pick the difficulty mode and the number of pieces you want to get and our boosting team will take care of the rest.

Before buying Tier 7 sets in Wrath, please check the basic requirements for that type of service.


  • WotLK Classic account;
  • 80 level;
  • this service is piloted only;
  • fresh raid cooldown.

Tier 7 Set Slots Farm Explained

Naxxramas tier tokens only drop from a pre-determined list of bosses in phase 1. Few pieces (10-mode version) can also be purchased from the vendor using Emblems of Valor.

When you buy tier 7 service, we will take your character only on bosses that drop tokens from your order.

Here is the full Tier 7 drop list:

Slot Boss 10-mode 25-mode
Head Kel'Thuzad 200 213
Shoulders Loatheb 200 213
Chest Horsemen 200 213
Hands Sartharion 200 213
Legs Thaddius 200 213

Feel free to pick the custom pieces that you need to gather full set. The team will take you on special bosses once per week in chosen mode and attempt to get the token. If the item does not drop, we will continue on next cooldown.

Please note: This service is considered completed when you get the desired tier 7 token. Several classes have separate sets for different roles. We strongly recommend to be careful when buying tier 7 from the vendor.

In case you have any questions before using our quick Naxxramas set boosting service, feel free to contact our customer support via online-chat, Skype, or Discord. Our managers work 24/7 and be ready to answer all the questions.

Tier 7 Set
$2 199