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WoW Classic Thunderfury

Here you can buy Thunderfury legendary item on WoW Classic realms. This is the strongest one-hand sword available for melee classes in Vanilla WoW, Legendary has unique effects to deal bonus damage on hit and slow attack speed of the primary target. It isconsidered as the BiS weapon for protection warriors till TBC release. Thunderfury boost takes a few months because it requires 2 items that drop from Baron Geddon and Garr with a 3% chance.

Thunderfury carry includes:


  • 60 lvl warrior, rogue, hunter or paladin to start legendary quest
  • Account sharing
  • Blackwing Lair raid opened

We use VPN for account security when logging into your account. We only need login and password and never ask a secret question or any other account infomation.

$20 000