WotLK Tailoring Leveling

WotLK Tailoring

WotLK tailoring leveling will save lots of time for players who want to boost this profession to the max level of 450. By becoming a grandmaster tailor you will be able to craft cloth gear, bags, and embroideries. Just like many other professions in Classic Wrath of the Lich King tailoring can bring quite a lot of gold from the auction house.

We will level tailoring in Classic Wrath by using the fastest and most optimized routes available in the game. You can become a grandmaster tailor with our help in no time at all, and we won’t use any of your gold during this process. What makes it more convenient is the fact that materials are quite costly at the start of the expansion, and being able to level tailoring without any gold is extremely useful.

WotLK Tailoring powerleveling includes:

  1. Tailoring skill up to 450.
  2. Ability to create cloth gear, bags, and stat-increasing embroideries unique to tailors.
  3. Tons of new designs for tailoring unlocked.
  4. Achievement Professional Grand Master.
  5. Ability to earn loads of gold by selling cloth, bags, and embroideries via AH.

Boost takes: 3-4 days.

WotLK tailoring profession leveling is available in two options. For people who have never touched the tailoring profession before, and for those who mastered it up to level 375 in TBC. Pick the option that suits your character the most and take a look at some of the basic requirements for WotLK tailoring power leveling.


  • 80 level;
  • this service is piloted only.
  • some bag space before the service.

WotLK Tailoring Boosting FAQ

Professions play a big role in Classic Wrath, and tailoring is no exception. Tailoring, much like many other professions in this expansion, is pretty decent for gold farming. By getting our tailoring leveling services you can get this profession leveled to 450 in the shortest amount of time. Let’s take a look at what you need to do to buy tailoring power leveling in Classic WotLK.

  1. Select your current tailoring skill from 0 or 375.
  2. Finish the payment via checkout.
  3. Our customer support team will get in touch with you shortly. Usually within 5 to 7 minutes.
  4. We will specify all the details of your order and schedule it.
  5. Our team will get all the mats and get your tailoring to 450.
  6. And it’s done! Enjoy being a grandmaster tailor and all the benefits that come with it.

Let us know if you want to add anything to your order or have any questions. Our customer support team can be reached via online chat, Skype, or Discord at any time. They work 24/7 and are always ready to help!

Is Tailoring Good in WotLK Classic?

Tailoring is a good profession when it comes to cloth wearing classes of Classic WotLK. It is still decent for everyone else as a way to earn gold, but there are better professions for that specifically. Let’s take a look at the positives of leveling tailoring in Classic Wrath.

  • being able to craft your own cloth gear;
  • passive ability for looting more cloth from humanoids;
  • ability to craft bags, which will be very useful as a gold making tool at the start of the expansion;
  • creating BiS embroideries that function like an enchantment for capes;
  • ability to make some gold by selling materials on the auction house;
  • being able to create a Magnificent Flying Carpet mount.

Getting this profession to the maximum level will allow you to enjoy all of the aforementioned benefits and more. Our WotLK tailoring power leveling services are fast and cheap to get, meaning that becoming a grandmaster tailor is easier than ever before.

WotLK Tailoring