WotLK First Aid Leveling

WotLK First Aid

WotLK first aid boosting is the fastest way to get this secondary profession to 450. Unlock the ability to create and use healing bandages. Even with limited overall utility, they can still become handy for PvP battles as well as general exploration.

We will level first aid in Classic Wrath by using the fastest routes possible. Our service will make you a grandmaster medic without using your gold to buy materials at all. This will be useful for anyone who wishes to boost the first aid profession in WotLK..

WotLK first aid powerleveling includes:

  1. First aid skill up to 450.
  2. Ability to create healing bandages.
  3. Achievement Grand Master Medic.

Boost takes: 5-6 hours.

WotLK first aid leveling comes in two options. The first is for people who have never tried first aid before and start from scratch. The second is for people who are experienced with this secondary profession and have a skill level of 375 from the end of TBC. Select the option that suits you the most, and read the minimum requirements for WotLK first aid leveling.


  • level 80;
  • this service is piloted only;
  • WotLK Classic account;
  • some bag space before the start of the service.

WotLK First Aid Boosting FAQ

Secondary professions have some good utility in Classic Wrath. First Aid is one of them. However, much less so than the other two. It was even removed in the later expansions. However, people who decide to power level first aid in Classic WotLK might find that it still has some benefits. Let’s check out how this service works in a quick, step-by-step recap.

  1. Select your current first aid skill level from 0 or 375.
  2. Finalize the payment at the checkout.
  3. Customer support managers will contact you within 5 to 7 minutes.
  4. We will set up the schedule to start the service in the shortest time possible.
  5. We will get enough cloth to raise first aid to 450 without using any of your gold.
  6. And it’s done! Enjoy your new profession in Wrath Classic.

If you have any questions or additional requests that you wish to add to the service, don’t hesitate to contact us! Our customer support is available 24/7 and can be reached via Skype, Discord, or online chat. We are always ready to help, even if it is the middle of the night!

Is First Aid Good in Classic WotLK?

You might be wondering if this secondary profession is good in Classic WotLK. And the answer would depend on the class that you play, as well as your gameplay preferences. First aid is really helpful for any class that doesn’t have any healing spells. For them, first aid would be handy during general world exploration and questing. It can also be a great help in PvP battles, both arenas, and BGs.

However, if you are playing a class that has healing magic available, it becomes much less viable, but not without benefits. Heavy Frostweave Bandages can still be sold at the auction house to earn some gold, however, this won’t be your main source of income in this game.

First aid being a secondary profession means that it will not take away the ability to level anything else. And with it still being useful, there is no reason not to level it to the max level. The only issue is the time it takes. But our simple and cheap first aid boosting services solve this problem. Enjoy secondary maxed-out first aid without spending any time or gold on it.

WotLK First Aid