Cataclysm Alchemy

Cataclysm Alchemy

Want to be extremely useful to the guild, make a lot of gold, and save a ton of your own gold on buying potions? Alchemy is your profession of choice then! Leveling said profession can be rather tedious, and this is where our Cataclysm alchemy leveling comes into play. We will obtain all the necessary ingredients (without spending a single coin of your gold!) and propel you to level 525 of Alchemy in the shortest time possible.

Start time: ~15 min | Boost takes: ~2-3 days.
Boost includes:
  1. Alchemy skill up to 525.
  2. Ability to craft potions, alchemical flasks, and elixirs.
  3. Tons of new recipes.
  4. Access to Mixology effect.
  5. Access to Flask of Enhancement.
  6. Achievement Professional Illustrious Grand Master.

Note: Cataclysm Classic Alchemy leveling is available with two options: for players who want to start from scratch and for those who already have Alchemy skill level 450 from Wrath of the Lich King. Pick the option that suits you but don't forget to look at the requirements for this service before proceeding with Cata Classic Alchemy leveling.

  • 70 lvl character for 375 Alchemy skill;
  • 80 lvl character for 450 Alchemy skill;
  • 85 lvl character for 525 Alchemy skill;
  • this service is piloted;
  • some inventory space before the service begins.
How it Works:
  1. Select your current alchemy level: 0 to 450 and proceed to the checkout.
  2. Our customer service team will contact you within 7 minutes of the purchase.
  3. We will schedule the boost at the most convenient time for you.
  4. At the appointed time we will gather enough materials (without using your gold) and raise the Alchemy skill to 525.
  5. That's it! Enjoy your newly leveled profession in Cataclysm Classic!

Cataclysm Alchemy Boost: All You Need to Know

You might be wondering if this profession is worth your investment. And the answer is a resounding Yes for most players. Alchemy has always been an S-tier profession, and nothing changes going into Cataclysm. Alchemy provides a ton of different money-making and saving opportunities, as well as a huge help to your guild.

It is useful for both PvP and PvE-focused players, which makes it the ultimate profession of choice for many. The only downside is the extreme tedium of Cata Alchemy profession leveling, especially if you don’t have Herbalism as a secondary profession. However, even this downside goes away with the help of our Cataclysm alchemy boost. We will gather all the necessary materials and boost your Alchemy straight to the maximum cap of 525 in the shortest time possible. Apart from the profession leveling speed, there are many various benefits you receive with the Cata Classic alchemy leveling. Let’s take a look at some of the more potent ones.

New and unique Alchemy benefits in Cataclysm:

  1. Mysterious Potion: A potion with an unpredictable effect.
  2. Potion of Deepholm: A potion that teleports its user to Deepholm.
  3. Vial of the Sands: A potion that allows its user to turn into a mount and carry a passenger.
  4. Lifebound Alchemist Stone: A unique trinket exclusive to Alchemists.
  5. Big Cauldron of Battle: Flasks for your group and guild members.
  6. Transmute: Living Elements: Transmute 15 Volatile Life into any Volatile element.
  7. …and a lot more!

All these benefits make Alchemy a very useful profession to level up. And with the help of our Cataclysm Classic alchemy leveling it can be done quickly at any point of the expansion, simple and cheap. Get Cataclysm Alchemy leveling today and say goodbye to the monotonous profession grind. Make your gameplay experience more fun and enjoyable with Boosthive today!

Cataclysm Alchemy