Challenge Rifts 1-100

Challenge Rifts 1-100

Challenge Rifts farm is a service that provides players with the completion of a solo or 4-man dungeon-like activity that is introduced in Diablo Immortal. This convenient service allows players to use their time efficiently, spending it on things they like in the game, instead of pointless grinding.

Buying one or several Challenge Rifts will result in a completion of it by our professional boosters in the shortest time. DI Challenge Rifts boost provides unique crafting materials, runes, and hilts. The fastest and most efficient way to progress through the leaderboard is our DI Challenge Rifts farming service.

Challenge Rifts boost rewards:

  1. Up to 100 challenge rift runs.
  2. A lot of crafting materials for each rift.
  3. Runes for each rift.
  4. Hilts for each rift.
  5. Chance to get Legendary items and Set pieces.

Important: You only receive rewards once per flour clear, there is no point in clearing the same flour only progress farther in difficulty levels.

In order to unlock the challenge rifts you must 1st reach Westmark. There it is accessed from an obelisk in the Palace Courtyard.

Do not use Challenge Rifts to level or gain paragon, as they do not offer experience.

Boost takes: 10 minutes for 1 run.


  • Diablo Immortal owned;
  • ilvl corresponding to chosen rift level;
  • this boost is piloted.

How Diablo Immortal mechanics work?

Here you can find information and tips about the challenge rifts from the opened beta:

  • there are a total of 100 levels, each with increasing Monster Offense Rating and Defense Rating (ORDR);
  • the difficulty of each level largely depends on the player's own ratings compared with the monster's ratings;
  • each level has fixed monster ratings, unlike Elder Rifts which have no difficulty setting and scaling with your rating;
  • rifts can be completed solo or in a group (up to 4 players);
  • in every run, there is a different zone, layout, and enemy type;
  • a progress bar is filled by killing enemies or picking up progress globes that drop from Elite Monsters;
  • when the progress bar is full, all remaining enemies disappear and a random Rift Guardian spawns;
  • the entire run must be finished in 10 minutes for a successful clear.

Leaderboards display the top Solo and Multiplayer clears. Inspect the competition to see their builds and get an idea of what you're up against.The first player on the server to complete every level increment of 10 (20, 30, 40, etc.) is displayed for everyone to see. They also receive additional honor for the clear.

Buying Challenge Rifts Grinding in DI

That's why we offer Challenge Rifts for sale for all the players who get tired of doing endless repeatable grind every day. Our professional diablo boosters know the best and most optimal sources and methods to complete your order fast and easily while you enjoy your free time.

In case you still have any questions before getting our Challenge rifts service, you can always contact our managers via online chat, skype, or discord. We are online 24/7 and ready to help.

Challenge Rifts 1-100