Staff of Ammunae

Staff of Ammunae | 359 ilvl

The Staff of Ammunae is a level 359 staff that will be great for any caster in heroic dungeons and raids, particularly in the early stages of the Cataclysm Classic expansion. This formidable staff can be obtained through the Archaeology profession by assembling Tol'vir artifacts, a process notorious for its time-consuming nature and reliance on RNG. Spare yourself the tedium of the grind and entrust us with obtaining this archaeology-related staff on your behalf. By doing so, you'll reclaim countless hours of effort, enabling you to immerse yourself fully in the game without having to be distracted by mindless grind.

Start time: ~15 minutes | Boost takes: flexible
Cataclysm Classic Staff of Ammunae boost includes
  1. Staff of Ammunae 359 ilvl weapon.
  2. Archaeology-related items and achievements.
  3. Upgraded Archaeology skill.
  • level 85;
  • Archaeology skill 450+.
How it Works
  1. Our customer service team will contact you within 7 minutes after you buy the Cataclysm Staff of Ammunae epic staff.
  2. We will schedule the boost at the most convenient time for you.
  3. At the appointed time we will log into the game and grind Archaeology until the staff drops.
  4. That's it! Enjoy your new pre-raid BiS staff!

Cataclysm Staff of Ammunae

The Staff of Ammunae stands as an epic staff with an item level of 359, positioning it as a coveted pre-raid Best in Slot (BiS) item for numerous caster classes. Yet, its acquisition demands a substantial investment of time and effort. Below, you'll find the stats bestowed by the Cataclysm Staff of Ammunae, showcasing its allure and desirability among players striving for top-tier gear prior to venturing into raid content.

  • 1,196 - 1,795 Damage | Speed 2.40 | (623.13 damage per second);
  • +512 Stamina;
  • +341 Intellect;
  • +247 Spirit;
  • Improves critical strike rating by 194 on equip (1.08% @ L85);
  • Increases spell power by 1,955 on equip (0.00% @ L85).

Obtaining this archaeology-related staff can be a daunting task, requiring numerous Tol'vir solves and a significant investment in Tol'vir Hieroglyphic, all while hoping for favorable RNG. If you're keen to secure this staff early on to enhance your preparedness for raiding and heroic dungeons but find the grind daunting, our Staff of Ammunae boosting services provide the perfect solution. Entrust this task to our experienced players while you enjoy other aspects of the game.

If you have any questions about this Cataclysm Classic archaeology staff or if you desire additional enhancements for your boost, feel free to reach out to us directly. Our dedicated customer service team stands by 24/7, ready to assist you. You can connect with us via Discord or through the live chat feature on our website. Bid farewell to the grind – your epic staff is just a few clicks away!

Staff of Ammunae | 359 ilvl