Cataclysm Classic Phase-Twister Leggings

Cataclysm Classic Phase-Twister Leggings

Are you looking to snag some of the finest pre-BiS gear in Cataclysm Classic? The Phase-Twister Leggings stand out as an excellent pick for any shaman. Our professional players will farm the required item from trash mobs in Bastion of Twilight or simply buy Phase-Twister Leggings and trade them to you directly without spending a single coin of your gold. Sporting an impressive item level of 359, these leggings are a stellar choice for any shaman gearing up to conquer raids or dive into dungeons as Cataclysm Classic begins.

Start time: ~15 min | Boost takes: ~12 hours
Boost includes
  1. Phase-Twister Leggings pre-bis item.
  • level 85;
  • this service is piloted.
How it Works
  1. Our customer service team will contact you within 7 minutes after you buy Cataclysm Classic Phase-Twister Leggings.
  2. We will schedule the boost at the most convenient time for you.
  3. At the appointed time we will log in and farm the item via the Bastion Twilight or trade it to you directly.
  4. That's it! Enjoy your new leggings!

Phase-Twister Leggings

Cataclysm Phase-Twister Leggings, with their item level of 359, cater perfectly to adventurers ready to explore dungeons, clear raids, or engage in PvP right from the expansion's launch. These leggings are some of the top pre-BiS (best in slot) items and are particularly great for shaman players.

The stats for these leggings are:

  • 2129 Armor;
  • +512 Stamina;
  • +301 Intellect;
  • +188 Spirit;
  • Red and Blue Sockets;
  • Socket Bonus: +20 Intellect;
  • Improves haste rating by 228 on equip (1.78% @ L85).

If you have any questions about the Cata Classic Phase-Twister Leggings service or desire to enhance your order with additional options, feel free to reach out to us directly! Our dedicated customer service team operates round the clock, even on holidays, and is eager to lend a hand at any time. You can easily reach us via Discord or the live chat feature on our website. Buy Phase-Twister Leggings here at Boosthive today and swiftly enhance your shaman gameplay experience!

Cataclysm Classic Phase-Twister Leggings