Cho'gall Kill

Cho'gall Kill

The Cho'gall boost offers an easy way to defeat the final boss of the Bastion of Twilight raid in Cataclysm Classic. Join our team of professional raiders to clear Bastion of Twilight on both Normal and Heroic modes efficiently, securing your loot without the hassle of finding a reliable team. Earn epic 372 ilvl gear and achievements with our Cataclysm Cho'gall kill service! Our boosts are carried out by some of the top raiding guilds worldwide, available on any difficulty, whether it is normal or heroic, and for both 10 or 25-man modes.

Start time: ~15 minutes | Boost takes: Flexible
Cataclysm Classic Cho'gall boost includes


  1. Cho'gall clear on Normal difficulty;
  2. Chance to get 359 item level gear.


  1. At least 1 piece of 372 ilvl gear (25-man option).
  2. Cho'gall clear on Heroic mode.
  3. Achievement: Heroic: Cho'gall.
  4. Title: of the Four Winds.
  • level 85;
  • active WoW subscription.
How it Works
  1. Our team will contact you within 4 to 7 minutes after you finish the purchase.
  2. We will set everything up for Cata Cho'gall carry and perform the boost at the time that suits you the best.
  3. We will notify you when the service is completed.
  4. Enjoy your rewards!

Cho'gall Kill Boost

With our WoW Cho'gall boost, you can acquire some of the best gear and trinkets in the game without the hassle of finding a team to defeat the boss. To give you a better idea of the rewards, we've prepared a table showcasing some of the top loot that drops from Cho'gall, including their item levels. These items are among the most sought-after in the game.


Equipment Slot

Item Level | Difficulty

Armor tokens


372 ilvl | Heroic 25-man

Twilight's Hammer

Main Hand

372 ilvl | Heroic 25-man

Fall of Mortality


372 ilvl | Heroic 25-man

Battleplate of the Apocalypse


372 ilvl | Heroic 25-man

Shackles of the End of Days


372 ilvl | Heroic 25-man

…and a lot more!

With our Cho'gall carry, you can quickly acquire top-tier gear and trinkets without the need to find a team. The carry is done with group loot, but you can opt for a full raid clear with full loot priorities. For any questions, contact us via the live chat feature right here on the website or via Discord. Our 24/7 customer service is ready to assist. Boost your gameplay with amazing loot from the Cataclysm Cho'gall kill with Boosthive!

Cho'gall Kill