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Castle Nathria Heroic Single Boss Kill

Here you can purchase any Castle Nathria single boss kill and get exactly the loot you desire. Perhaps you don’t have time to clear a full raid or you need a particular boss killed for some unique gear or legendary power. In any case, we are here to help you get that CN heroic solo boss boost today.

Boost ETA: 1 day.

Shadowlands Castle Nathria single boss carry service includes:

  • fast kill of any 1 of 10 bosses of Heroic Castle Nathria raid;
  • all loot and achievements earned during the boost;
  • you may select any amount of single CN bosses to defeat.

Before buying the kill of any single boss in Castle Nathria heroic raid, located in Revendreth, please make sure that your character meets some basic requirements of this boosting service.


  • WoW Shadowlands expansion purchased and active;
  • 60 level character;
  • no specific ilvl gear required.

How does CN single boss carry works?

After our professional boosters defeat Sire Denathrius on the first week of the Castle Nathia launch they will be ready to offer you any kind of PvE services in this raid. Those services include the solo boss kill in heroic difficulty. Here how it works:

  1. You chose any boss you want to defeat in CN raid.
  2. Our managers will find the most suitable slot for you with our carry team.
  3. You log-in to WoW at the given date and time.
  4. Boosters will summon you straight to the boss.
  5. You enjoy your time while our team kills the boss for you.
  6. You get any loot dropped to your bag;
  7. The CN single boss loot run is completed.

Yes! It is that simple. Just pick point the boss to kill and we will do it for you. If you have any questions or would like to get additional options for your carry run, please contact one of our support managers. They are highly experienced and would help you with anything.

What Castle Nathria bosses can I choose from?

There are a total of 10 bosses in the first raid of Shadowlands expansion. Here is the full list of them:

Eight of them drop 213 ilvl gear while the last 2 bosses drop 220 ilvl items. Additionally, there are some awesome legendary powers that can be looted from the bosses of CN.

Why buying a single boss kill in Castle Nathria is a good idea?

Shadowlands has changes the whole system of loot, making every new item count. Top gear and BiS items are there to say with your character for a while. Therefore getting them from a particular boss is the way forward to gear your character in both PvE and PvP.

Here are the top 5 reasons to get Castle Nathria single boss carry.

  1. Legendary powers such as Memory of a Malefic Wrath.
  2. Some great 220+ ilvl gear items.
  3. Ahead of the Curve: Sire Denathrius achievement.
  4. Shadowlands weapons spheres such as Abominable Anima Spherule.
  5. Great Vault weekly cache item.

There are many more reasons to kill a particular boss, to train or learn some tactical moves from professional players. In any way, the Boosthive pro boosting team is ready to help you regardless of the final target. We can make it happen and help you play World of Warcraft the way you want.

Castle Nathria Single Bosses
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