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Captured Kaldorei Nightsaber

Buying this service will reward you with a very new mount of Battle for Darkshore Warfront Captured Kaldorei Nightsaber who drops from Shadowclaw in case the Horde controls the zone and Croz Bloodrage when the Alliance dominates. This mount is a very rare drop (2-3% chance) from a rare spawn. You can farm it once per character every 2 weeks when the Warfront is available.

The Blackpaw mount boost includes:

  • Unique epic mount - Captured Kaldorei Nightsaber
  • 100% done by hands via completing quest chain
  • VPN security for account safety
  • Screenshot of your character obtaining the mount
  • Our team will leave mount in your bags so you will have opportunity to learn it yourself
  • Hidden Livestream (please ask before we start)


  • Accplay (Piloted): you share your login and password with our team and we play on your character
  • 120+ lvl character

Your account is protected from theft, as we never ask secret question or email access