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Iron Banner Powerfull Bounties

Here you can purchase Iron Banner Powerfull Bounties boost in D2. These 4 bounties you can take from Lord Saladin and get pinnacle rewards with x20 Tokens for each bounty. It's available only during Iron Banner event activity.

Boost ETA: 24 hours

Iron Banner's armor and weapons have increased stats and enhanced mods on it, which makes it most useful in PvP and PvE activities. Every season Iron Banner reveal new armor sets and you should get it at least for collection, because every set bound to season and you will be unable to get it after current season ends.

Iron Banner Powerfull Bounties boost includes:

  • x4 Powerfull Bounties Completion
  • x4 Pinnacle Gear pieces 
  • x100 Iron Banner Tokens
  • A lot of legendary loot
  • Iron banner shaders

We support all platforms: PC, PS4, and Xbox. Also, you can order Iron Banner Powerful Bounties service for all your character - use slider under picture to choose certain amount of characters.


  • 1290+ Power Level
Iron Banner Powerfull Bounties