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Nightmare of Caiatl Kill

Nightmare of Caiatl boost helps with getting a kill of this boss of the Duality dungeon. This hardcore fight provides players with some of the best loot from this dungeon, including the exotic Heartshadow sword.

Nightmare Caiatl carry is designed to make the process of killing this boss as quick and efficient as possible. It is very convenient for players who just want to get their loot in a relaxed atmosphere without having to stress out about failing the boss or looking for the right group to do the fight consistently fast.

Rewards from Caiatl kill include:

  1. Princess Caiatl kill in the Duality dungeon.
  2. A chance to get the Heartshadow exotic sword.
  3. A chance to get awesome weapons and gear.

Boost takes: 30 minutes.

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Private Livestream is an option for piloted services, in case you want to keep track of the service completion, or are simply interested in watching the high-level gameplay of our teams. However, please ask for the stream before the boost starts so we have enough time to set everything up.

We don’t have many requirements for the Caiatl kill boost, however, please make sure to read all of them regardless.


  • Witch Queen DLC;
  • This service is available as a recovery only (piloted).

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Nightmare of Caiatl Boost Description

Caiatl is a very difficult boss that awaits players in the Duality dungeon. While being really difficult, it also provides players with a wealth of great loot, including an exotic Heartshadow sword. Since the sword has a rather low chance of dropping, most players would want to run this dungeon as many times as possible. This can prove to be incredibly frustrating, as many teams aren’t coordinated enough to be able to do the Caiatl fight consistently and quickly each time. This is where our Caiatl carry comes into play.

Save yourself hours upon hours of time with our Caiatl boosting services. We will make sure to relieve you of the stress that comes with running this dungeon, and complete it quickly and efficiently as many times as you would like. Increase your chances of getting the Heartshadow exotic sword with Boosthive!

Here are some benefits you get by deciding to use a Caiatl carry:

  • complete the Duality dungeon with a group of professional D2 players;
  • experience the fight without having to worry about wiping;
  • get a chance at getting some incredibly good loot from Caiatl;
  • get a chance to get Heartshadow exotic sword;
  • all of the above and more will be done as quickly and efficiently as possible.

As you can see there are many benefits that can help you with this challenging fight. Caiatl boost is designed to free you from the tedium of dungeon grinding so you can enjoy the game the way you want!

What Caiatl Boss Kill Rewards are Worth Getting?

Empress-imperial Caiatl boss fight provides a bunch of great loot for players who decide to take on her fight. It includes armor for arms, as well as 3 great weapons, one of which is the aforementioned Heartshadow exotic sword. Apart from the sword players also have a chance to get a New Purpose pulse rifle, as well as a Fixed Odds machine gun. Having both of these guns will help you with diversifying your collection, as well as just having more fun in D2.

Caiatl Kill