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Shackled Ur'zul (Argus Mythic Mount)

Here you may purchase carry for World of Wacraft mount: Shackled Ur'zul in Antorus, the Burning Throne Mythic last boss - Argus the Unmaker.

Buying Shackled Ur'zul boost in Antorus,the Burning Throne(Mythic) raid you will also get:
Chance to loot Aman'Thul's Vision 1000 ilvl trinket that doesn't take legendary slots
Shackled Ur'zul boost ETA at least 3-6 months but may change (all depends on luck)


  • 120 lvl character with 350+ gear
  • Fresh raid cooldown on a character

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Shackled Ur'zul  (Argus Mythic Mount)