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Bruce Mount [Brawler's Guild]

Bruce mount boost is best way to get this mount from BFA Brawler's guild which returns in World of Warcraft patch 8.1.5. Bruce is one of the most well-known crocolisks in the entire Azeroth. He was added as a boss in Brawler's guild in Mists of Pandaria and made several appearances since then. This mount is rewarded for some murder mystery involving the Guild. Mount has different colour variations for Horde and Alliance. Our experienced team will get you this mount in no time 

Bruce mount includes:

  • Epic mount – Bruce
  • 100% done by hands 
  • VPN security for account safety
  • Hidden Livestream of the boost (please ask about technical possibility before the boost)
  • Screenshot of your character obtaining the mount
  • Our team will leave mount in your bags so you will have opportunity to learn it yourself


  • Accplay (Piloted): you share your login and password with our team and we play on your character
  • 120 lvl character
  • Access to the Brawler's guild
  • DPS spec with 400+ gear

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