Blood Infusion Quest

Blood Infusion quest

Blood Infusion quest requires you to infuse your Shadow's Edge axe with the blood during the Lana'thel fight in ICC. This is one of the most annoying steps on the way to obtaining Shadowmourne legendary because it requires at least 2 players to help you. Buying our Blood infusion boost will help you to get it done fast and skip searching random people for hours.

Blood infusion boosting rewards.

  1. Completion of the quest Blood Infusion with our help.
  2. Blood Queen Lana'thel boss defeated.
  3. Items for transmogrification from ICC.
  4. Self-play is an additional option.
  5. Please pick the option "I don't have cooldown" if you don't want to clear the raid.

Blood Infusion Quest Carry ETA ~20-25 mins.

Important to note: We recommend to unequip all the gear and dismiss any pets while fighting Blood Queen Lana'thel because you can unintentionally kill the boss. All you need is to have Shadow's Edge weapon equipped during the combat. Please note, that you need to be in the 25-ppl version of the dungeon to complete this quest.

Although we offer our Blood Queen Lana'thel quest completion for everyone who is currently doing the Shadowmourne Legendary questline, there are some basic requirements for this type of boosting service.


  • 40 lvl character;
  • fresh cooldown for Icecrown Citadel 25 ppl;
  • Shadow's Edge weapon equipped.
  • unequip all other gear.

Blood Infusion Quest Guide in Shadowlands

The problem with this step of obtaining the Shadowmourne legendary is that you have to get 2 more players with you in the long-forgotten raid and carefully kill the boss while timing the fight. Here you will find the exact process of completing this quest.

  1. Pull the boss and get the debuff Blood mirror.
  2. A few seconds later get the Essence of the Blood Queen debuff.
  3. Use bite spell to 3 players in the raid (one player every minute).
  4. Successfully defeat the boss.

Be careful in case you don't bite anybody you will get mind-controlled by the boss and the encounter would have to be reset to start over. If you failed or don't want to get into this stressful encounter feel free to buy the Blood Infusion boosting service and let us take care of the rest.

Blood Infusion quest