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Hand of A'dal

Hand of A'dal
Please contact our managers to order this item

Hand of A'dal boost will help players to finish the long questline and unlock Black Temple & Mount Hyjal attunements. Even though the attunes are no longer required to enter both raids, players are still awarded with Hand of A'dal title. Our service is aimed to help everybody get it before the next expansion.

Some Mount Hyjal & BT attunement quests will be removed with the Wrath release. That makes it nearly impossible to obtain Hand of A'dal after Burning Crusade. Choose to buy Hand of A'dal quest chain and unlock this title fast before it is too late!

TBC Hand of A'dal title boosting includes:

  1. Title Hand of A'dal
  2. FoS Hand of A'dal (in WotLK).
  3. Black Temple attunement completed.
  4. Mount Hyjal attunement completed.
  5. Kael'thas & Vashj kills for the quest.
  6. Medallion of Karabor obtained.

Boost takes: ~12-14 days.

Important: If you've completed some parts of the questline, please contact our managers. We will create a custom offer depending on your progress for a decreased price! It is essential to get everything done before Wrath of the Lich King to be eligible to receive the title.

You can buy Hand of A'dal quest line boost on all TBC realms. (except Fresh start servers). However, we recommend contacting our managers via online chat or discord before ordering. Also please check the minimum requirements.


  • TBC version of the game;
  • 70 level;
  • this service is piloted only;

Hand of A'dal Title Boost Info

Hand of A'dal is awarded for finishing both Black Temple and Mount Hyjal attunements in Phase 3. It is rewarded automatically when a player finishes both requirements. The whole questline is very-very long and some parts of it require joining a raid and killing the last bosses: Kael'thas Sunstrider and Lady Vashj.

That might be a hard task for those who don't have a regular group to raid with making it nearly impossible to get the desired title. Not anymore with our Hand of A'dal carry, that we offer for sale for everybody who wants to get this title fast and without fuss.

How to get Hand of A'dal In TBC Classic?

The short answer is to use our service and get it done really fast and without extra effort. However, players can attempt to unlock Hand of A'dal title by themselves. How to do it and where to start Black Temple and Mount Hyjal attunements? Here is our short step-by-step guide. Be ready for a crazy ride!

  1. Talk with Anchorite Ceyla (Aldor) or Arcanist Thelis (Scryers) in Shadowmoon Valley.
  2. Start the quest Tablets of Baa'ri.
  3. Follow the questline that ends with Akama's Promise. Talk to A'dal in Shattrath.
  4. Go to the Serpentshrine Cavern raid and kill Fathom-Lord Karathress boss.
  5. Accept quest The Secret Compromised from Seer Olum behind the boss.
  6. Return to Akama in Shadowmoon Valley. Then go to the Tempest Keep and kill Al'ar while using Ashtongue Cowl.
  7. Akama will give you quest An Artifact From the Past to kill the first boss in the Hyjal Summit raid.
  8. To get attuned to Hyjal Summit complete The Vials of Eternity quest by killing Lady Vashj & Kael'thas.
  9. Loot the item from the first boss in Hyjal and pass the quest to Akama again.
  10. Talk to A'dal and complete the final few quests and a scenario to finally unlock the title.

If you still have any questions before buying Hand of A'dal quest line completion, feel free to contact us in online chat, skype, or discord. Our managers work 24/7 and they are always ready to help you with all information.

When will Hand of A'dal get removed?

Hand of A'dal will be removed in Patch 3.0.X. However, players who started the quest line and completed The Vials of Eternity before WotLK release still be able to earn this title. We advise not to risk it and get it done before pre-patch by simply buying Hand of A'dal from Boosthive team.

Do I need BT & Mount Hyjal Attunements?

No. Both raids can be entered without finishing attunements. These quest chains exist for prestige purposes only as they grant players a cool title in the end that will be removed.

Hand of A'dal
Please contact our managers to order this item