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BFA Warfront Victory

Here you can make a purchase of BFA Warfront Victory boost in World of Warcraft, provides your character to get War is Hell Achievement.

Your character will join Warcraft3-look like experience battle with seizuring objectives and grabing wood and iron to build and hire colders.

BFA Warfront Victory carry includes weekly farm of Arathi Highlands war for Stromgrade keep and grants 340+ item level from the single battle and 370+ ilvl from the weekly quest.

Accplay(Piloted): you share your login and pass to a driver that will play by your character. Driver may login to work at convenient time frames, so you may play whenever you want.
120 lvl character  can be provided by our leveling service
Ask for weekly availability to our support team

BFA Warfront Victory boost ETA 30 mins~

We provide personal stream (if possible), to follow your char's progess.
VPN software will be used for your account safeness.
We don't ask your secret question, so your account will be protected from theft.