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Destiny 2 Battlegrounds

D2 Battlegrounds is the new Vanguard activity unlocked in the Season of the Chosen. Buying the D2 SotC Battlegrounds boosting service is the best way to farm as many missions as you need to get new seasonal gear, weapons, and other cool loot from the final Hammer of Proving chest and War Table.

Battlegrounds Carry ETA: 15 minutes (per 1 BG).

All Battlegrounds provide powerful rewards at the 3rd, 6th, and 9th win respectively.

D2 Battlegrounds boost includes the following rewards:

  • the desired amount of Battlegrounds completed;
  • end-of-battleground Hammer of Proving rewards;
  • a lot of glimmer;
  • lots of valuable resources.

Please note that the boosting time for the BG carry service depends on how many Battlegrounds you would like us to complete. Additionally please look carefully at the requirements needed to be met before buying any D2 Battlegrounds carries.


  • D2 Beyond Light DLC;
  • new light campaign completed;
  • this boost is piloted & requires account sharing.

D2 Battlegrounds farm

The addition of a new D2 activity was long overdue and finally, game developers have heard the Guardians’ prayers. Season of the Chosen unlocked and introduced a brand new PvE mission available through the Vanguard Operations menu.

Battlegrounds are a fun way to gear up and spend some time in D2 and here is why.

  1. BGs are fast to complete and have an understandable playing style.
  2. Battlegrounds require skill and experience to be finished effectively.
  3. The battleground rewards can be gathered by boosting the Hammer of Proving.
  4. Every third battleground grants players powerful rewards.
  5. Battlegrounds are similar to Nightfall Strikes.

To get the most of your battleground farming session we offer you to get some help from professional D2 players. With such a cheap price for battleground carries you shouldn’t even think of wasting your time to farm them on your own. Our carry team will take care of the swarms of enemies on both Europa and Nessus locations.

Buying a D2 Battleground carry?

When you are tired of Strikes, raids, and dungeons and still want to get some seasonal powerful loot and unique exotic weapons the BAttlegrounds is your best way forward. While being fun at first the tedious farming process can drive you mad after a few hours and that is why we offer D2 Battlegrounds boost for sale.

With our BG carry service, you will not have to worry about mission fails or overpowered enemies, as Boosthive guarantees you the following perks:

  • professional BG boost by top D2 players;
  • 100% guarantee on even the hardest orders competition;
  • as many battlegrounds farmed as you require;
  • 24/7 support and account safety.

With Boosthive D2 BG farming service, you can relax, enjoy your life and spend gaming time on some other interesting activities. If you however require more information on Battleground boosting feel free to contact our experienced managers and they will be glad to assist you with anything.