Ban'thalos Pet Boost


Ban'thalos is a unique rare tameable spirit beast added to World of Warcraft in Cataclysm patch 4.2. It has a trick tame mechanics and a very long respawn timer making it one of the most desirable rare hunters pets. Buying the Ban’thalos pet will save you a lot of camping time and allow you not to follow the challenging taming process. With the Ban’thalos carry service, you will get this awesome pet in no time.

This particular spirit beast is a level 92 NPC that hovers on unreachable heights. There are several methods to tame it including using the slaw fall mechanics, freeze trap, and jumping from the nearby tree.  

Ban'thalos boost includes:

  • Ban'thalos camped and tamed for your hunter character;
  • all loot dropped to your bag during the boosting;
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Ban'thalos pet service ETA: 1-4 days.

Ban'thalos hunter pet has a model of a huge spirit owl. This rare NPC is located in the Mount Hyjal zone near the Sanctuary of Malorne. It is a non-aggressive spirit beast that flies very high-up in the sky. It is not reachable by any spells directly from the ground therefore it is considered to be a tricky tame hunter pet.


  • 40 level hunter character;
  • Hyjal questline completed and the quest hub unlocked.

We never ask your secret questions or any other information, so your account will be protected from theft at all times of the boost.

How to tame the Ban'thalos spirit beast pet as a hunter in BFA or Shadowlands?

Although Ban'thalos was introduced back in 2010  with the release of World of Warcraft Cataclysm expansion, it is still popular and demanded hunter’s battle pet. To get this rare spirit beast of ferocity tree you will need to spec your hunter character into a beastmaster and level him up to at least a level 100. Then you should follow the general hunter pet taming process.

Important things to keep in mind while carrying your character for Ban’thalos camping:

  • Ban’thalos spawn timer is anywhere between 6-17 hours;
  • you must have a special BM hunter talent chosen to tame him;
  • his is roaming around the Sanctuary of Malorne;
  • his NPC ID is 54320.

Ban'thalos pet taming strategy

The times of Cataclysm have been long gone therefore this beast is no threat for high-level well-geared characters. But the height Ban'thalos flyers can still kill anyone who is not agile enough to adapt to the process. This is the exact guide on how to get this beautiful spirit owl into your collection in Shadowlands:

  • head to the Mount Hyjal (Cataclysm) Zone;
  • check if you have opened the Hyjal questing hub and completed the starter quests there;
  • travel to the Sanctuary of Malorne;
  • switch on your favorite NPC scanning addon and track the Ban'thalos;
  • camp for 1-16 hours or try jumping various realms to find the desired pet;
  • in case you afraid to one-shot him use the Fruit Basket toy to pull him;
  • pull him up in the sky and use slow fall item/cloak or Disengage to avoid the falling damage;
  • use a freezing trap to hold him;
  • tame the pet as you would usually do as BM hunter.

Spirit beast hunting and taming processes can be tedious tiring and frustrating at times. Desirable pets can be killed or tamed by other hunters making you feel miserable and stressed. The amount of time spent on each pet can vary from a couple of hours to weeks in the most unlucky cases. Why would anyone want to go through this? However, there is a better solution to this problem.
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