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TBC Badge of Justice Farm

We offer to buy Badges of Justice in Phase 4 of TBC Classic. These are so-called Heroic Tokens used to purchase PvE epic gear from the vendor in Shattrath. Badges of Justice only drop in Burning Crusade heroic dungeons. and raids making it quite challenging to get them. One can spend a lot of time trying to gather the required amount of these tokens to purchase gear. However, that is not a problem anymore for our customers as we offer Badge of Justice farm service for a cheap price.

The Gods of Zul'Aman patch brought a lot of new Phase 4 gear purchased for Badges of Justice making this currency valid again.

TBC Badge of Justice boosting rewards:

  1. Any amount of Badge of Justice farmed.
  2. TBC heroic dungeons completed.
  3. Gear, gold and other items that might drop during the service.
  4. Additional option: attunements unlock to gain access to heroic dungeons.

Boost takes: ~25-30 Badges/day.

Please note, that Badges of Justice can only be farmed in heroic dungeons. That means that your character must be attuned for at least 3-4 heroic dungeons before the purchase. You can pick these attunements as an additional option to your Badge of Justice order. Keep in mind that it will take some extra time for the attunements.

Before buying Badges of Justice grind service, please have a look at the basic requirements.


  • 70 level with blue gear;
  • at least 3+ heroic dungeon attunements;
  • this service is piloted only.

How to get Badges of Justice in TBC?

Badges of Justice still remain relevant in Phase 4 of TBC Classic and allow you to buy really good P4 gear from the vendors. So one might ask how to farm Badges of Justice fast and efficiently? There are three ways of acquiring these:

  1. Each boss in heroic dungeon drops x1 Badge of Justice.
  2. Two daily heroic quests in Shattrath Lower City award x2 Badges of Justice each.
  3. Defeating raid boss rewards x2 Badge of Justice.

Our boosters use the mixture of the first 2 methods of grinding resulting in the fast and effective Badge of Justice boosting  You can select any amount of Heroic tokens and our team will deliver them in the shortest time possible. After the boost is done, you only need to complete TBC raids to maximize your Badges of Justice gains.

How many Badges of Justice per day can you get? Assuming you managed to run all x16 heroic dungeons and finish both daily quests, you will have around 61 Badges of Justice per day if we do not include any raiding activities. That's quite a lot, but most of the players don't have that much time to spend in the game.

That's why buying Badges of Justice from us might be the best option in case you don't have free time to run heroics over and over again, but still want to purchase epic PvE gear from the vendor to start raiding. If you are still uncertain or have any questions - feel free to contact us anytime in online chat, skype, or discord before getting your own Badges of Justice carry.

Badges of Justice