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Keystone Master: Season 4 Mount - Awakened Mindborer

Awakened Mindborer mount boost is a run through the 12 Battle for Azeroth dungeons in +15 difficulty with completion of all the runs in timer to get the Keystone Master: Season Four achievement.

Boost takes 2-4 days.

Awakened Mindborer is an epic fly mount that added in Patch 8.3 "Visions of N'zoth". If you completed a part of runs you can buy a single dungeon here.

Completion of the Achievement still available in PREPATCH if you have completed ANY of +15 dungeon in timer in 8.3!!!

Keystone Master Season 4 carry includes:

Mount, 2 Feats of Strength and the title will be unobtainable with the Shadowlands pre-patch so we highly recommend you to get these things until they are removed.


  • 120 level character;
  • No gear requirements.

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Awakened Mindborer (Keystone Master: Season Four)